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About Us

Bo Campbell Rodeo

Bo Campbell Rodeo Productions was founded over 30 years ago by our patriarch, Bo Campbell. His dedication to the promotion of the sport he loves continues today through his children. With over two decades of rodeo experience we would be honored to be your rodeo producer.

“Rodeo is a place where we bow our heads to pray, and stand proud to be an American.”

Bo Campbell

Why Choose Us

Our passion comes from the sense of family rodeo brings. Whether you are competing in a rodeo, producing a rodeo, or watching a rodeo, it is all done with the people you love. The core values of the Cowboy Way is what we stand for. We hope to share that with as many people as possible.


2022 was a great year of rodeo for Bo Campbell Rodeo Productions. We couldn’t do it without all of our committees and contestants. Thank you to each and every one of you. Saturday morning we had the privilege of recognizing a few of them.

  • Best $1000.00 added rodeo goes to the Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation. Their mission is to provide programs and resources in schools that support the emotional well-being of our youth. Foley is one our oldest rodeos and we are honored to work with such a fantastic committee.
  • The Humanitarian award goes to Westonwood Ranch Rodeo. Freeport hosts this rodeo to benefit Westonwood Ranch. It offers a unique learning curriculum to improve life skills and pre-vocational skills to young adults with developmental differences. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with this outstanding committee.
  • Rodeo of the year, Committee of the year, and best $2500.00 added rodeo goes to Washington County Sheriff’s Toys for Kids Rodeo. This rodeo has been a huge success for their organization. We are so grateful to be a part of it. This committee puts all they have into this rodeo and we can’t thank you enough.

Past Awards

Awards Bo Campbell Rodeo has won in the past for the PCA:

  • 2000 timed event cattle of the year
  • 2002 Timed event cattle of the year
  • 2005 bareback horse of the year
  • 2005 saddle bronc horse of the year
  • 2006 timed event cattle of the year
  • 2011 timed event cattle of the year
  • 2012 timed event cattle of the year
  • 2013 Stock Contractor of the Year
  • 2017 Timed Event Cattle of the year
  • 2019 Timed event cattle of the year
  • 2020 Roping Cattle of the year
  • 2021 Bareback Horse of the year
  • 2022 Bucking horse of the year